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Reglus angle indicator

Angles measured in a matter of seconds.

Not sensitive to vibration, by virtue of oil-damped display.

Extensive range of accesories, e.g. various brackets, clamps,magnetic base (special attachements on request).

Suitable for measuring angles of +/- 180 degrees (measuring accuracy better than +/- 1/2 degree; accuracy of reading 1/4 degree), in relation to vertical or horizontal.

Can be used in virtually any situation where angles and angle differences need to be determinded quickly and simply.


High - lights

With its practical fixing options, the Reglus clinometer can be attached and readied for measurement within seconds. An extensive range of accessories enables it to be held in place by a single magnet, a V-rail or clamp, whichever is most convenient.

Examples of applications/ activities

  • Constrution/road building: checking slope inclines; monitoring incline of construction machinery.
  • Vehicle maintenance: engine timing, shock absorber setting.
  • Aircraft maintenance( light aircraft and sports aircraft, helicopters): engine timing; checking
  • angle of incidence of propellers or rotors; fuselage incline measurement; checking deflection of elevator flaps, landing flaps and trim flaps.
  • Heating and sanitary installations.
  • Mechanics, precision mechanic: bevelling, aligment, bending, drilling of flush aligned holes, drilling of angle-offset holes, milling of radially offset grooves, circular dividing work.
  • Medicine/ortopaedics/ radiology/ accident medicine: measurement of body axes and joint movement, setting of radiation angles for X- ray machines and other sources of radiation.
  • Metal construction/ steel construction
  • Safety monitoring (preventing construction machinery, boats and vehicles from overturning)
  • Adjustment of radio,tv and radar antennas.
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