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Item Nr. 101
Mod. K max. drilling dia D 13.00 mm.
Mod. M max. drilling dia D 22.00 mm.
Basic jig with reference Ve and x-varnier, metric or inch version.


Drilling table for flat workpieces with y-vernier. serves also as sub-base for items 110 and 112.


Drill bushes, standard
Mod.K 0.2-13.00mm every 0.05mm.
Mod.M 13.1-22.00mm every 0.1 to dia 14.0mm
14.0-22.0mm every 0.25mm


Item-Nr.102/102.1 & 102.1.1
102 V-block for small workpieces 102.1 Drilling table. 102.1.1 Support bracket. Varius sizes!


Item Nr. 103
Block for spherical workpieces


Item Nr.113
Vee supports with 60° Vee for hexagonal workpieces. Presently only for mod. K + KP. 4 sizes covering SW 4-36.


Item Nr.115
Pressure disk.
On all current models the workpieces are now clamped against these discs and no more direktly against the drill bushes. At least one size for each model are required.


Item Nr.116
Drilling tables similar to Pos. 104 but without through holes an Y-vernier. Serves as sub-base for user own purpose tools.


Item Nr.112
Attachment for hexagonal workpieces. This accesorry is mainly used for drilling holes in nuts and bolts to secure safety cords, wires etc. in the automotive and aircraft industry.







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