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Reglus universal drilling jigs

The REGLUS universal drilling jig is simple to assemble and use.

  • The wide range of accessoires enebles them to be applied quickly to most problems.
  • It is no longer necessary to design and construct special jigs therby saving man hous, materials, storage and time.
  • Used by engineers throughout the world. They are being applied in small workshops, garages, research facilities, education and in factories of all sizes engaged in the whole range of mechanical engeneering.


  • Quickly adaptable to all requirement, using unskilled labour, for one-offs or repetition work
  • For accurate drilling of cylindrical, square, rectangular, polyconal, sperical or flat workpieces, holes in line or off-center.
  • Enormous choice of drill bushes: From dia 0.2mm up to dia 13.00mm all 0.05 mm. Imperial: SWG 1-80, letters A-Z fractions: 1/64-33/64. From dia 13.00-14.00mm all 0.1mm. From dia 14.00mm-22.0 all 0.25mm.
Work mode:

* The co-ordinates of the hole to be drilled can set on the verniers according to the piece-part drawing.
* The workpiece is clamped against the drill bush, using the quick locking handle.
* The locking action is self-adjusting and provides a rigid clamp wich is maintained until released by the user.
* This enables the highest possible cutting tool speeds to be used on the clamped workpiece.
* Accurate guidance of the drill by bush into the surface of the verniers, ensures high dimensional quality and resulting complete interchangeability of all workpieces drilled on REGLUS universal drilling jigs.
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